Are we there yet…

The most challenging thing about setting up the site and store hasn’t been the tireless crafting, it’s been trying to figure out the logistics of a web-based business. Technology is not a friend of a mine, my history with cell phones alone will tell you that. Thank god my art director/marketing guru of a partner is showing me the ropes. I’ve (finally) got a PayPal account, and that’s paving the way to the Etsy store that will house all things Yada Yada. But that’s the boring stuff. The fun bit for me has been the design of our name card and packaging. These are of the utmost importance to me because I’ve always set out to ensure that every item that falls into the lap of a customer will bring oodles of joy and handmade love. We are taking longer than expected to source for materials that will do just that, but once we do, our little line of craft things will be ready to roll!

Website in Progress

Site is almost there, just a few more posts and we’re ready to rock.