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Joanne Ng

Joanne’s obsession with craft and D.I.Y was born from necessity. From an early age, she found fun and simple ways to make accessories she could masquerade as the ones she couldn’t afford. One thing led to another and yada yada yada, a store was born as an extension of her need to explore craft media as wearable art. Each piece is designed organically, often out of her head, then handmade and pieced together with materials ranging from metals, plastics, to fabric and thrifted/upcycled bric-a-brac.

Are we there yet…

The most challenging thing about setting up the site and store hasn’t been the tireless crafting, it’s been trying to figure out the logistics of a web-based business. Technology is not a friend of a mine, my history with cell phones alone will tell you … Read More


Rabbit Deer Fox

Rabbit, Deer, and Fox head lapel pin. Sterling silver with a brass pin catch. Made by lost wax casting from hand sculpted wax models.


Website in Progress

Site is almost there, just a few more posts and we’re ready to rock.


Fairground Necklace

Fairground necklace in bright yellow, red, pink, orange, green and blue. Matt varnished acrylic paint on fabric with leather cords and silver tone crimps. Closes with a silver tone round clasp.


Stipple Cuff Bracelet

Stipple cuff bracelet in black and white. Varnished acrylic paint on fabric, attached to black link chain and round clasp. Measures approximately 6cm in inner diameter (about 18cm in length).


Trickle Necklace

Trickle necklace in black, grey and brown. Matt varnished acrylic paint on fabric, attached to boho gold mini crimps, gold silk cord and wooden beads. Length of cord is adjusted by tying.


Humming Bird

Hummingbird origami headband. Stiffened fabric folded and sewn onto a fabric wrapped head band.


Topo Brooch

Topo brooch in blue. Gloss varnished acrylic paint on felt with silver acrylic paint lining, and a bar pin.


Log Ring Necklace

Log ring necklace. Matt varnished acrylic paint on fabric, with copper tone crimps and wooden and gold beads on a gold silk cord. Closes with an adjustable copper toned lobster clasp.


Drip Bracelet

Drip bracelet in blue, red and yellow. Acrylic paint attached to black twist chain and round clasp. Measures approximately 6cm in inner diameter (18cm in length).



Concentric necklace in bright pink, red, orange yellow, blue and green. Acrylic paint varnished and stitched to felt, attached to blue crocheted chain. Length is adjusted by tying.


Foldaways [Set of 3]

Foldaway rings. Butterfly, bow tie and kawasaki rose fabric origami stitched and glued onto an adjustable silver tone ring base.